Here you can find out all about the band, it’s players and forthcoming concerts and contests, and also the Langley Community Band.

Langley Band have built quite a reputation for being a thoroughly entertaining band. The band are fortunate to have a very loyal audience and a great following, due to the vast repertoire the band play at their regular concerts at the Barlow Theatre in Oldbury.

Band Latest News…

Virtual Rehearsals!

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the Government advice on Social Distancing, the band has had to cancel all rehearsals, but we are utilising technology and holding ‘virtual’ rehearsals, where we all play our own individual parts and then ‘mix’ them together.

Here’s a link to the band’s YouTube channel where you can watch and listen to the band in previous concerts and also see some of our ‘socially distant’ music-making!

Go to YouTube and let us know what you think, by giving us a ‘Thumbs Up’ and subscribing (free) to our YouTube channel – it will be great to see you there!