Regional Championships – Saturday 2nd March 2024

Langley Band win the Midlands Area 1st Section Championships

The band took part in the annual Regional Championships at Corby, where we won 1st Place!

This means that the band are promoted back into the Championship Section and also qualify for the National Finals later in the year!

Langley Band have quite a reputation for being a thoroughly entertaining band. The band are fortunate to have a very loyal audience and a great following from across the Midlands and further afield, due to the vast repertoire the band play at their regular concerts.

Concert Tickets

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Whit Friday Marches 2023

The band really enjoyed taking part in the fantastic Whit Friday contests this year!



The band recently took part in the Midlands Area Championships on February 26th 2022 at Corby. The band achieved a fantastic 3rd place, despite being several key players down, due to Covid.


Celebrating with a shield!

Here’s a link to the band’s YouTube channel where you can watch and listen to the band in previous concerts and also see some of our ‘socially distant’ music-making!

Go to YouTube and let us know what you think, by giving us a ‘Thumbs Up’ and subscribing (free) to our YouTube channel – it will be great to see you there!